401k and Workplace Retirement Plans

We have been working with individuals and businesses in the Austin and great central Texas area for over 25 years.

Each of our agents has extensive personal and professional experience.  We carry CPA and CFP designations and we are Fee-based advisors.


Our Retirement Planning Service Strives:

1. To deliver Independence of choice.   We are independent agents!  That means we have a vast resource of providers that can deliver the best plan fit for your company.

2. To deliver Freedom of investment choice.   We are never required to only give you one fund family.   Our plans will always give you the best available fund choice in the marketplace.

3. To deliver Fairness for your participants.   We will do our best to make sure you plan is compliant with DOL requirements to levelize expenses in your plan so that no one participant pays the burden of fees for the plan services.

4. To deliver Efficiency through finding the lowest net investment expense for your plan.   We will shop your plan to find the best providers of the best low-cost investment platform.

5. To deliver a Plan for your retirement plan.   You should know what you are getting and how to keep your plan compliant.  We will deliver a plan to help you stay compliant and on top of your plans fiduciary requirements.

6. To deliver Education for your plan participants.   We are fiduciaries!  So we can be there to help your plan participants make great choices for the future.   We also can provide online or on demand meeting for your participants.

7. To deliver Design.  Every Retirement plan is unique.   Your plan design will be unique.  We will custom design plans that show you how it will grow as your company grows.